Our co-founder Liz chatted with Examiner.com about the release and inspiration behind the #epmini.


Introducing Mini by Everpurse.

The wallet that charges your phone.

We designed Mini for you. We know you don’t have time to worry about your phone letting you down. So we created a beautiful fashion piece that’s stylish and powerful. Just like you.

More living, less waiting. Let Mini charge your phone so you can charge ahead.

Experience up to 48 hours of phone battery life — from zero to 100% three times. To start just slide your phone into the safe dock and gently press down, your phone will be nestled safely while allowing you to use it all day long.

To charge we focused on stylishly combining design and technology, Mini’s closing clasp doubles as a USB plug, making it easy to charge using any USB outlet.

Mini charges your phone wherever life takes you.

With full access to your phone as it charges, you never have to choose between plugging in and going out. Use the included detachable chain shoulder strap or wristlet option to adjust your look to seamlessly transition from work to play.

Pre-order your Mini now: https://everpurse.com/

We’re about to let the cat out of the bag (pun intended)…Check back tomorrow for an exciting announcement about the 2014 Collection!

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I would most like to have the Everpurse technology integrated within a ____________. 
A. Briefcase
B. Messenger Bag
C. Wallet
D. Backpack

(Hint: one of these is coming soon!)

Let your creativity guide you.


Misse P’s Topaz Croc-Pattern Leather Everpurse keeps her phone charged & her everyday essentials organized.

Snap a pic of what’s inside your Everpurse & send it our way via Twitter/Instagram to @Everpurse using #WIMEverpurse, or post on our Facebook wall. We’ll be featuring our favorites!

#TipTuesday: Keep your smartphone as cool as possible. Sitting in direct sunlight will actually drain the battery faster.

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